User Experience Design


What is User Experience Design ?

User Experience (UX) Design is a way to enhance the experience of users on a software through the process of prototyping. Since our foundation, we have been relentlessly providing the finest user experience to our clients. Our experienced and dedicated technical professionals have been serving exceptionally customized software, integrating expedient functions to elevate the usability, efficiency, accessibility and credibility of our client's software. 

Our UX designers indulge in in-depth user research, understanding the loopholes and the client’s viewpoint, vision and end goals. We practice the user-centered approach, enabling all their efforts utilized in channeling the best user experience to our clients.


Why UX Design ?


Seamless Experience

Facilitate the incorporation of flawless user experience


High Conversion Rate

Induction of increased conversion of potential users into customers


Understanding users

Understanding the users and their requirements through UX research to provide the best software to them


User Engagement

Elevates user engagement on the software due to the clear navigation and smooth functioning

UX Design Thinking Framework

Depex brings exceptional UX designs with its experts to provide a compelling user design through prototyping. For its application, we follow the given below stages of the framework to deliver a remarkable user experience. 

We pursue a user-centric research approach to understand the client’s needs, worldview, problems, vision, and future goals through collaboration and interactions. Our skilled designers observe the users to gain profound knowledge of the end-user and the client.

Our UX designers analyze the gathered data to comprehend the business problems of the project through the creation of “user-persona” adhering to the idea of producing designs for the end-users. The elaboration induces the identification of the core problem, generating a definite problem statement, which brings out the breakthrough solutions.

Ideation, the stage of exploring innovative and novel ideas, brings creative product design, catering to problems through collaboration and critical thinking.

The conversion of intangible ideas into tangible ones through the utilization of inexpensive conceptualization methods instigates clarity in the designers. The usage of tools like Figma, Marvel, Invision, UXPin and Flinto gives life to the graphics designed in UI design. Prototyping allows experimentation which helps in gaining practical ideas for the project.

We create the concluding product and test it to analyze its quality and reliability. The execution of the prototyping stage in testing eliminates the flaws and errors, ensuring the product's high performance. 

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