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Depex Technologies specializes in creating exceptional IT products comprising web applications and mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. We offer seamless end-to-end technology solutions to your business, building customized solutions with innovation and entailing support, scalability, and reliability to your software products. With our committed and experienced team, we ensure the success and growth of your business with our limitless possibilities for the advancement of your IT infrastructure.

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Types of Technologies We Offer To Escalate Your Business Growth

Front-end Technologies

We provide exceptional front-end technologies to enhance your software user interaction, and efficiency, and elevate the visual aesthetics of your business website and application. With the evolving front-end technologies, we keep innovating and bringing the best solutions through the programming languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure the production of a responsive design.

Java Script

UI Design Tools

Our team of designers utilizes a range of tools to introduce creative elements that enhance the attractiveness of your software. By tailoring these elements to your specific requirements, we establish an emotional connection with users, resulting in a seamless UI experience that elevates customer satisfaction and engagement.

Adobe XD

UX Design Tools

Our team of UX designers thoroughly undergoes user research, acquiring valuable insights into the obstacles and viewpoints of both clients and end users. By adopting a user-centered approach and leveraging excellent tools, we provide our clients with the utmost user experience, perfectly aligned with their vision and ultimate objectives.


iOS and Android Development

In close collaboration with full-stack app developers, we induce partnerships to develop iOS applications that seamlessly align with your business's strategy and objectives using programming languages Swift and Objective-C. Whereas, for Android, our skilled technical professionals at Depex excel at creating highly interacting applications for your business, providing assurance of scalability and cultivating robust customer loyalty through Java and Kotlin.


Hybrid Mobile App Development

We develop highly optimized hybrid applications using technologies to create mobile applications that can operate on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and the web through technologies React Native, Flutter and Xamarin

React Native
Phone Gap

Back-end Technologies

We deliver the finest applications and software products through our back-end technologies, handling server-side operations and architecture-efficient web applications.


Database Technologies

We utilize database management technologies to acquire, store, organize, and process information to facilitate users effortlessly and help retrieve specific details users seek.

Mysql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server

Postgre SQL
Mongo DB

CMS Tools

We deliver a content management system (CMS), which is a software application or platform specifically developed to enable you to create and modify digital content on your website.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Salesforce Cloud, Dropbox, Slack, Hubspot


Programming Languages

Our skilled developers use multiple programming languages to create software applications, websites, and various other technological solutions for your business.

Python, R, Java, C++, Julia, MATLAB

Cloud Technologies

We assist you in leveraging cloud computing services and integrating cloud technologies to enhance your company's efficiency, and productivity with reduced costs.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tools

We at Depex prioritize the NLP tools to analyze text and sentiment to build innovative AI software products for your business. Through NLP tools, we incorporate the features of analysis, obtaining insights, and accuracy through the identification of patterns, opinions, and emotions in the written content.

Big Data Tools

Our data analysts and engineers utilize big data tools to manage complex and big-volume data and enhance data processing, analytics, real-time processing, and more to induce scalability and optimization in software performance.

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