Manual Testing


What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is a way to provide testing services using human intellect. Software testing through a human tester helps to pinpoint the errors and bugs in the software and to understand if the software is meeting all the expected requirements. Our human testers run the test using test cases with the different sets (functional and non-functional) criteria and determining the results. 

We test your software from the end-user outlook, giving meaningful elements to your company software. Depex ensures safe and rigorous testing of your software at every stage of the development process to minimize the emergence of any glitch or technical trouble and guarantee a user-friendly and excellent user experience software product to enhance your company expansion.

We Provide Multiple Manual Testing techniques


Black box Testing

We initiate our testing of your software product finding out its inputs and outputs without considering the internal logic and coding. Our human testers help you to understand end-users viewpoints and discover the bugs that are not easily recognizable in the inner settings by comparing the test case results with the expected outcome to ensure quality testing.


Compatibility Testing

your skilled human testers run your software to deliver a highly compatible application to accelerate your success. We help you test your software compatibility with various operating systems and hardware. Our testers assist you to understand the application software’s ability to operate in different environments and network configurations to contribute to a seamless application run on different platforms.


Exploratory Testing

Our experienced human testers test the software application without any pre-determined set of criteria and detect the bugs on their way of testing the application software. With exploratory testing, our knowledgeable testers utilize their years of experience to execute the early testing process. 


Usability Testing

We follow usability testing to ensure a release of a user-friendly application. In usability testing, our testers collaborate with the quality assurance professional and observe the interaction of the real end-users with the application software application to understand its extent of convenience, user experience, satisfaction, and the scope of modifications required in the product to deliver a high-quality product to your company.


Localization Testing

Companies are widening their businesses to different territories and thus, we test your application for its success and high usability in different geographical markets. To make the application successful in different regions, we collaborate with the targeted area’s local human testers to deeply analyze the application in their local language and align it with the market’s culture to enhance the connectivity and compatibility of the app with the end-users. 


System Testing

Before launching the software product in the market, we end-to-end manually analyze your app functioning. Our proficient human testers identify bugs or defects by evaluating your company’s novel app by testing each part independently. We deeply analyze your app to bring a high-performance app to escalate your business visibility.  


Why Manual Testing ?

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