Functional Requirement Analysis

What is Functional Requirement Analysis ?

Depex prioritizes the analysis of functional requirements, essentially utilizing it to examine the system's operations which is a critical feature boosting the performance - informing about a system's functional features and improving its inputs and outputs. The functional requirements are specific and target particular technical features of a system, which counters business requirements.

Our technical expert's functional analysis leads to the functional Requirement Documents (FRD), that documents the required functions of a business project.

Understanding Functional Requirements

Functional requirements, an integral part of the requirement analysis, also termed requirement engineering, comprise two parts – function and behavior. The functional requirement deals with the system’s complexities, understanding its technical functionalities and operational procedures. The functional requirement is comprehended in the process of Software Requirement Specification (SRS), which entails calculations, technical description, data processing and manipulation.

Why do we need a Functional Requirement Document ?

Assist in understanding the technical needs that create the business project more accurate and predictable.

Defining the functional requirements clearly, minimizing the meetings and saving time.

Determine the timeline by creating a roadmap for the development process of the business project. 

Initiates the designing of graphical representation of the requirements and solutions of business projects to clients and stakeholders. 

Functional Requirement Document Framework

We discover the technical requirements as a result of multiple compact interactions with you and the key stakeholders, leading to the creation of a Functional Requirement Document. Depex has analyzed and incorporated the business’s data regarding its purpose and requirements to accelerate the necessary changes and bring viable solutions.


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