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We are IT services providers specializing in comprehensive global technology solutions, enterprise IT solutions, mobility solutions, web solutions, and internet marketing solutions for diverse clients. Founded by two visionary technology entrepreneurs, Depex Technologies emerged with the aim of revolutionizing the approach to developing business solutions in the IT industry for clients worldwide.

Depex cultivates a collaborative culture of working and growing together. While the ideas may originate from you, we are here to refine and transform them into tangible realities. Exceptional apps are not mere luck; they are the outcome of unwavering dedication.

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Our mission is to capture the small businesses and large corporate houses and serve their IT infrastructure.

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Our Global Footprint

Depex is headquartered in India and has established offices in the United States and South Africa. Our customer base extends across various regions, including India, the Middle East, the United States, Europe, South Africa, and Australia. Our software development services are available worldwide, adhering to our strict quality standards and policies.

Our Journey


We are currently in a time where children are born into a world where social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are already a part of their lives. They grow up with trends like Insta Reels and become familiar with products from companies like Amazon. In such an era, sticking to traditional marketing techniques may hinder your progress. It's time to embrace change and opt for new strategies. The world is looking towards India with great anticipation for its IT and software services, as the country boasts a large number of talented and innovative young minds. It won't be long before India becomes a leading exporter of IT services worldwide. Join us and be a witness to this monumental revolution.




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