Business Requirement Analysis


What is Business Requirement Analysis ?

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The business requirement analysis deals with the recognition of your needs by our business analysts. They unambiguously analyze the business requirements through detailed market research and competitor analysis.  We emphasize on your requirements and understand the needs of your business to provide customizable solutions through the determination of the stakeholder’s needs and expectations. 

The analysis of business requirements induces the creation of a Business Requirement Document (BRD). A business requirement document comprises the project's purpose, vision, goals, scope, features, expectations and timeline, assisting us in developing a transparent and well-informed approach with you.

What are Business requirements ?

Business requirements, commonly known as Stakeholder Requirement Specifications (StRS), define the needs of a project from a stakeholder's worldview. The project's requirements are associated with the systems, software, processes and products, which are crucial to meet the needs of the businesses. It also describes the goals, beneficiaries and 'why, when, where' of the project.


Why do we need a Business Requirement Document?

Business Requirement Document Framework

We at Depex work with the clients and stakeholders to generate the Business Requirement Document through deep analysis and research, exploring various business requirements and stakeholder insights.

Take a look on how we prepare a BRD to ensure your business’s success