Big Data Engineering


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Depex Technologies assists businesses with the planning and consulting for data-driven big data analytics solutions. As data trends change constantly, we utilize data science potential and capabilities to fuel your business expansion and success. Our data engineering is a secret to numerous companies’ success in terms of revamping corporate strategy and procedures.

To build data-driven business applications, our engineers interact with a variety of integrated frameworks and algorithms. Our big data engineering services go beyond merely assisting you; it helps our engineers to access and analyze business development to foresee a client’s business’s promising future.

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Data Acquisition

Our team of big data engineers creates mechanisms and pipelines to gather and acquire data from various sources, including databases, streaming platforms, files, social media, and sensors to ensure the efficient data process aligns with your business-specific requirements.

Data Storage

We utilize storage technologies and architectures that can store volume, velocity, and a range of data such as distributed file systems through NoSQL databases, HDFS Hadoop, NoSQL data lakes, and cloud-based storage solutions.

Data Processing

Our skilled data scientists use DAS like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark for processing and transforming huge amounts of data. We use parallel computing techniques to optimize performance, creating efficient data processing workflows for your business.

Data Integration

Our engineers integrate and consolidate data from various sources and formats. Our engineers are involved in activities such as data cleansing, conversion, and enrichment to ensure consistency, quality, and integrity, bringing the best data integration solutions.

Data Pipelines

We develop reliable and configurable data pipelines that can automatically synchronize the flow of data across different stages, from ingestion through processing to storage. To bring efficient data movement and coordination, we use technologies like Apache Kafka, NiFi, and custom solutions to meet your business needs.

Data Security and Governance

We prioritize data security and hence, we have introduced robust measures for the protection of your business’s critical information. Our large data engineering services involve access controls, data anonymization, encryption, and conformity to privacy laws and establish data governance frameworks to ensure the highest quality, effective data management practices.

Scalability and Performance

Our experienced big data engineers design and optimize systems to handle the ever-growing volume and speed of data. We employ horizontal scaling techniques, performance tuning, and cluster management tools to ensure efficient processing and the infrastructure’s scalability.

Real-time Data Analysis

Our big data engineering services are used to implement streaming frameworks like Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, and Apache Storm in order to provide real-time and near-real-time analytics. Our engineers build data processing pipelines to help you analyze the streaming sources of information and timely access to intelligence.


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