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We provide a consultation driven approach to build global products and IT business solutions

Depex Technologies is a global IT service provider with expertise in end to end global technology solutions, enterprise IT solutions, mobility solutions, web solutions and internet marketing solutions to its various clients. Depex Technologies started as a brainchild of two technology entrepreneurs who wanted to change the way business solutions in IT were made for global clients.

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Principles Of Our Work

Security and Confidentiality

The code, ideas and all intellectual property we develop always belongs to you, the CLIENT. We maintain strict confidentiality about your project or any other information shared with us till it is with us else if you say we destroy any remains after we make everything Live for you. We believe all the products remain in stealth mode till they are made Live and we expect the same from you too.


We maintain stability in our company so that even if your project lasts a long time you will have the teams and the capabilities of the company for you all the way. We have not lost a single performing employee since inception. We are growing at a 100% growth per year and we stand tall at more than 50+ permanent employees and 15+ freelancers as well as 5+ vendors with us always ready to meet any kind of requirements we have.


We are transparent in our processes, our capabilities and we are ready for showcasing our capabilities whenever you need us to do so. We trust that transparency throughout the production process makes these relationships smoother, more resourceful, more profitable, and more pleasurable for all parties involved.It’s not an easy,but in our experience, it makes all the difference.


Our business teams are honest about the overall cost of the project, their timeline and delivery and we deliver what we promise. If a project would take more time/cost – our business managers are frank enough to let you know in advance. We do not have any hidden fees or charges and everything is made clear to you at the proposal or quote level itself. We don’t change the cost of the project too.

Fit for any Budgets

We understand Your’s Budget help businesses track and manage their resources. We have solutions for every budget and every pocket. So do not worry if your budget is less – we still have a solution for you. We have solutions starting just from $ 299 to even more than $ 1 Million. So just let us know your budget and we sure will sure to find an apt solution for you.Your input will help us help the services, better!

Global Understanding

We develop products for both local and global use as we have the right kind of teams who can interact with you, understand your requirements and will facilitate the process of a worldwide software product and services, Whether you want it or not – you will get the best in the world with us as we provide Global quality products and services. It is inbuilt in us and it reflects whatever we do.

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